Santa had eat too much, and now she is sleeping. I have made it in Psp 7 and here are the selections in zip-file. Open it in your psp in it's own folder.
If you want too, you can use this pattern to the scarf. Right click on it and save.

Noe we can begin.
Open an Image 500 x 500 transparent.

New layer, call it woddenshoe. Foreground to EFC6552. Go to Selections / Load from disk and find the folder where you open zip-file. Open woddenshoe file and fill. Go to Selections/ Invert and then Effects / 3D effects / Drop Shadow with these settings.


New layer. woddenshoe2. Open woddenshoe2 file . Color, Invert and Shadow as woddenshoe but chance blur to 21. Deselect.

New layer, buttons. Foreground 4F4033. Use Airbrush with these settings:

Make 2 buttons. Deselect.


New layer, body. Move this layer behind woddenshoe layer. Foreground E90D0D. Open body file and fill. Invert and shadow as before but color C00000. Deselect.

Stand on woddenshoe. New layer, arm. Open arm file. color, Invert and Shadow as body. Deselect.

New layer, head. Foreground FAD3D. Open head file and fill. Invert and Shadow as befor but set blur to 29,6 and color F4A4A4. Deselect.

New layer hand1. Move this layer behind arm layer. Open hand1 file. Color, Invert and Shadow as head but set blur to 13,6. Deselect.

New layer hand2. Open hand2 file , same way as hand1. Deselect.

New layer, caps. Forground E90D0D. Open caps file and fill. Invert and Shadow as befor but set blur to 21 and color C00000. Deselect.

New layer, hair. Forground FFEB97, background closed. Use Draw size 3 and make hair

New layer, eyes and nose Forground black Use draw size 2 for eyes and Airbrush size 2 for nose.

New layer, cheek. Foreground FF8080. Use Airbrush size 14 and make 2 dotts as cheeks, Go to Effects / Blur / Gaussian blur set to 5.

New layer mouth. Foreground C00000. Use Draw size 2.


New layer, scarf1. Open the scarfpatternpattern and sett foreground to pattern

Open scarf1 file and fill with pattern. Deselect.
Do the same with scarf2, 3 and 4 on the same layer.

New layer, straw. Send this layer to bottom. Foreground F7C493. Open straw file and fill.Deselect.

Stand on woddenshoe layer. New layer , straw2. Foreground F2AC68. Use Draw size 3 and make som straw. See picture.

New layer ladle. Move this layer behind hand1. Foreground C1864D. Open ladle file and fill. Invert and Shadow as befor but set blur to 21 and color 825326. Shadow once more but vert. and horiz. -2. then Effects / Innerbevel with these settings:


New layer bowl1.Foreground A43F1D. Open bowl1 file and fill. Deselect. On same layer. Use Draw freehand 1, line arrowhead - ball. Draw some design on the bowl.

New layer, bowl2. Foreground D47A22. Open bowl2 file and fill. Deselect.

New layer bottom. Foreground 7D4A19. Open bottom file and fill. Deselect.

New layer, porridge. Foreground white. Use Airbrush size 12 and make porridge, also do some with size 3.

At last with color C0C0C0 and Draw size 1 some lines in the white

Now we make some lines in caps and arm with Draw 1 and color 800000.

Now we are ready and you can merge visible all layers. Then use selection

round the picture. Go to image / Crop to selection and after resize to 60%. Now you can save as a tube.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. If you have any trouble, please mail me


This tutorial translated from my norwegian tutorial
6. november 2003