Santa out skiing with some sheaf for the birds.
 It's my idea, and I have made it with selections  which are in these zip-file.
 It also include tube , bird, sheaf and robe for straps here. For the tassel I use Eye Candy 4000.
Open zip-fil  with selection in own Psp's selection folder.
 Save Robe from zip in Psp's Tube folder. Other tubes open in PSP.

Now we go on.

Open an Image 600 x 700 transparent.

New layer, call it cap 1.
Foreground Color #c00000. Go to Selection/Load from disk
 and find cap1-sel filen. Fill.
 Go to Selection/Float and then to Effects/3Deffect/CutOut with these settings:
Vert. 10, Horiz. 6, opacity 100, blur 42,5 and color #5e0202.

New layer, cap2 , move layer below cap1 layer.
 Open cap2 file and fill as cap1.
Float and CutOut as befor, but sett vert. 0, horiz. 0, and blur 18,8.

Make top layer visible. New layer, tassel.
Color  #ffffff. Use Paint Brush, Round size 40, Hardness 100.
 and make a dot in the end of the cap.
Go to Eye Candy4000/Jigglewith these settings:


New layer, neck.
Color  #d7be97. Open neck file and fill. Float and CutOut:
Vert.-2, horiz. 0, blur 8,8 and color #bb8735.

New layer, head.
 Open head file and fill as neck. Float and CutOut as neck,
but sett blur to 15.

New layer, hair.
Color #79462f. Use Paint Brush size 3 make hair:



New layer, eyes.
Color #000000. Use Airbrush size 10.
Make to dots. Go to Effects/3Deffect/Innerbevel :

New layer, nose. #dec090. Paint Brush size 15. Make a nose. Innerbevel with
these settings:

New layer mouth. #c00000.  Pen Tool, Freehand, width 4.
Paint mouth.

New layer, cheek.
Color  #cd968d. Paint Brush size 20. Make two dots. Go to
Effects/Blur/Gaussian blur, sett to 7.

New layer, coat.
Color  #9596cb. Open coat file and fill. Float and CutOut:
vert. 8, horiz. 5, blur 45 and color #3b3e63.
On same layer. Use Pen Tool , size 3, single line and color #7177b5.
 Make a line for opening.

New layer, button.
Color #7177b5. Paint Brush size 15. Make 2 button. Innerbevel as nose.

New layer, r.arm1.
Color  #9596cb. Open r.arm1 file and fill. Float and CutOut:
vert. 4, horiz. 3, blur 13,8.

New layer, r.arm2. Move these layer below r.arm1. layer.
 Open r.arm2 file and fill as r.arm1. Float and CutOut:
vert. -1, horiz. 0, blur 5.

Make top Layer visible. New layer. r.hand.
Color #d7de97. Open r.hand file and fill. Float and CutOut:
vert. 1, horiz. 0, blur 7,5, color #bb8735.

New layer, l.arm1.
Open l.arm1 file and fill as r.arm. Float and CutOut:
vert. 3, horiz. 4, blur 13,8.

New layer, l.arm2. Move these layer below l.arm1.
 Open l.arm2 file and fill as l.arm1. Float and Cut Out:
vert. 0, horiz. 1, blur 5.

Make top  layer visible. New layer, l.hand.
 Open l.hand file and fill as r.hand. Float and CutOut:
vert. 0 horiz. 1.

New layer trousers. Move layer below coatlayer.
Color #808080. Open coat file and fill. Float and CutOut:

New layer, shoes. Move layer below trouserlayer.
Color #705946. Open shoe file and fill. Float and CutOut:
vert. -10, horiz. 0, blur 8,8, color #000000.

New layer, ski. Move layer below shoeslayer.
Color #b58f71. Open ski file and fill. Float and CutOut:
vert. -4, horiz.3, blur 18,8, color #000000.

New layer, straps.
Open Picture tube and  rope tube, sett scale to 60. Make straps on the shoes:

Make top layer visible.
Open dompap tube. Go to Edit/Copi. Active your image and Edit/paste as an new layer.
Resize 35 % not all layers checkt
Use mover and place it.

Open julenek tube and Copi and paste as an new layer.
 Image/rotate right 25. Move it on place.
 Now we have to erase a little . Zoom up so you better can see.
 Erase some of the bar so he hold it.

Merge visible all layers

Now we are finish, but it's big, therefor we resize it 50%.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. If you have any trouble, please mail me

These tutorial made by me
28 october 2004
and straighten it for Psp 9 Februar 2014