This is my first tutorial, so I hope all is well.
I have used PSP 7
I have done selections. The
goose and the santa.
Make a folder in your Psp and zip them up there.
Now we are ready to begin. And we begin with the goose. But remember to save often.

We begin with an Image 400 x 400 transparent.

New layer, name it body. Set foreground to white.
Go to Selection / Load from Disk and find the folder where you open the selection.
 Open body sel file and fill with white.
 Then go to Selection / Invert and then to Effects / 3D effect /Drop Shadow with these settings:


New layer,bodyshadow. Foreground DDDEFB. Open bodyshadow file and fill.

New layer, wing. Foreground white. Open wing file and fill. then
 Invert and Shadow as the body.

New layer, wingshadow. Foreground DDDEFB. Open Wingshadow file and fill.


New layer beak. Foreground F48B1A. Fill.

New layer cheek. Foreground EEA87E. Use Airbrush with these settings:

Go to Effect / Blur / Gausian Blur set to 6.

New layer, eye. Foreground black. Open eye file and fill. Go to Effect / 3D effect / Innerbevel with these settings:


New layer, left leg. Go to Layers / Arrange / Send to bottom.
Foreground F48B1A. Open l.leg file and fill.
 On the same layer, open l.leg 2 file and fill with C2680F.

New layer. right leg. Foreground F48B1A. Open r.leg file and fill.
On the same layer open r.leg 2 file and fill with C2680F.

New layer, detail. Use Draw, freehand 1. Foreground DDDEFB, background closed. Draw lines on the wing and body.
Change foreground to black and draw a little lines on beak.
 Now the goose are ready and look like this I suppose:

Merge visible all layers and name it goose.

Now to Santa